Outdoor & Wildlife Holidays in Greece


To Alex and the team

Jo and I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience of Greece that you gave us. Your flexibility enabled us to fit in the best of Meteora, Mt Olympus and the Vikos / Zagoria region, and to fill each day with a constant array of impressive vistas, local knowledge and hospitality that more than met our expectations. Your patience in answering our questions and your preparedness to go that extra step for us made the whole journey very special. We felt as though we were guests rather than clients. We commend your professionalism but were particularly appreciative of your openness and genuine friendliness.

Thanks again!
Ted and Jo

Ted Rosenblatt & Jo-Anne Everingham, Brisbane, Australia

Dear Alex,

On behalf of the mad hatters, Mel, Laura, Janet and myself I want to personally thank you for such a wonderful trip. Need I tell you how much I enjoyed myself - in every one of those million photos I am either laughing or smiling! We all loved every moment of the trip and each day we were delighted with something new and surprising.
The hiking was for me very special - and oh such spectacular scenery. I had no idea that northern Greece was so beautiful nor that it had so few tourists.
I really felt that your combination of walks was perfect. Thank you.
It is hard to settle after such a great trip and I am still bubbling with enthusiasm especially as it was such a happy and memorable time for me.

Once again BIG thanks

Ruth Parker, Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Niki,

The holiday that we booked with you was simply perfect: everything was well managed and the suggestions that we had from Alex precious.
Zagori area is wonderful indeed. The indication he gave allowed us to see the very best of the area and the 2 hiking that we did were magnificent.
I'd also like to compliment for the choice of the location: our hotels were always very good with an excellent, warm and welcoming customer service.
We met lovely people in every place we visited, but I would like to mention Kostas and his brother of Dias Hotel at Mikro Papigo: I definitely fell in love with them and with their place. The lovely courtyard, the flowers, the swallows with their nests, the delicious food, all the people gathering there... that was really unique, a magic place and we really really enjoyed that part of the travel!
I feel that at the Zagori area we have experienced the true Greek hospitality. I I hadn't been there I wouldn't have met all those nice people, so discrete and careful and certainly with a hidden sense of humor, that I liked so much! :)))

So I'm really really happy that I booked this part of our travel with you and I would like to thank you and Alex for all the support and good suggestions that you gave: if anyone should be travelling to Greece to hike/trek, we would suggest to check your website, for sure!

So thanks again,


Sara (Self guided Tour Zagori / Vikos National Park)


Sara Martini, Rome, Italy

Dear Alexis,
Thanks again for everything!! It was a wonderful production for us!

Andrea Plank, ORF, Austrian National TV

Andrea Plank, ORF Austrian National TV, Vienna, Austria

Thank you for a great week!

Hello Alexis
I wanted to thank you very much for a really excellent week in the mountains. I think we will all agree that our group came away with many happy memories and fun stories to remember. It was great to experience Northern Greece and discover so many beautiful places and it is thanks to your flawless planning and organisation that we could enjoy such a relaxing and fun week.
Thanks for being so patient with all our questions and demands and non stop crazy talk.

Best wishes


Genine Clark, United Kingdom

Dear Alexis,

Many thanks for a fun-filled trip! It was the most amazing experience, and
I love Greece. You were able to capture the old and the new, the city and
the country - all within a short timeframe.
Thank you for leading us through a wonderful time of laughs, good times
and creating many memories.
Be well!


Pam Glanville, St. Louis, USA

Alex provided us with an excellent itinerary for our two day trip. Both ourselves and our children (ages 12 to 16) loved it. The first day we took the local train to Toxotes from where taken by car to the top of a mountain had a great, very easy mountain biking tour, guided by Ilias and Helen. The views were amazing, and the packed lunch halfway made us feel one with the nature. We stayed overnight at the excellent guesthouse "To Archodiko" were Pantelis made us feel at home and served us the best breakfast ever. The next day we left early for a kayak tour along the Nestos, again with Ilias. We were blessed with gorgeous weather and we will certainly remember the five-hour tour through unspoiled nature forever.
Thank you Alex, Ilias, Helen and Pantelis for this wonderful experience. We will definitely spread the word in Turkey and in The Netherlands!

Angela Blanken, Turkey / The Netherlands

Hi Alex,

Just wanted to thank you sooooooooooo very much for an excellent tour. It is probably the best trekking (and company) I have ever done. So many great memories and photos. Each day was awesome.
All the best, and keep in touch with anything new going on.

Kind regards,

Jenni Tozer, Auckland, New Zeeland

What a week .....

Instead of following our predefined, comprehensive program religiously, - we rather adopted the 'Greek way' as a guideline. If required, we could abbreviate, stay longer or move, also depending on the weather.
We usually stayed longer than planned, which gave me the opportunity to look around and photograph in peace. The canoe rides in Kerkini Lake, the boat explorations through the reeds of the Evros delta and especially the experience of going through the gorge and the delta of Nestos in a kayak granted me images of spectacular nature and exceptional photo opportunities.
The hospitality and friendliness of the guides were very refreshing. All the evenings with them at dinner were very amusing and a great chance to immerse ourselves in the local eating and drinking culture: my thanks to all involved!
Speaking of food: there was always more than ample and it was excellent. During the day, there were sandwiches, pies or pastry snacks. In the evening there was either a selection of Greek starters and main dishes or dishes of buffalo meat (in Kerkini) or fresh fish in a restaurant by the harbor. Tsipouro that was, of course an integral part of these meals.
A special highlight of this trip was the 'bailout' of an injured wing of a Sparrowhawk, that Ilias, our Guide rescued from the undergrowth and was then sent to a rescue center to Thessaloniki and-hopefully-there nursed back to health.
The ride through the reeds on the Evros - Delta with one of the local fishermen was fascinating and gave us the opportunity for some breathtaking landscape shots by the sea.
A very impressive experience, which remains particularly memorable to me due to the remoteness of the landscape.
Once again I want to express my gratitude to my guide, Ilias, for his tireless efforts and his open-mindedness and kindness. I was particularly fascinated by his extensive ornithological knowledge. It was a real pleasure to experience this trip.
North Greece will see me again soon!

Kerstin Rosenberger, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

We had a great hiking day on Enipeas. The weather was very good and our guide George was very friendly and attentive. It was a great experience. Alexis our travel consultant was very attentive too. I really recommend this tour.

Thanks for all,

Flávia Schwartz, Brazil

Dear Alexis,

My vacation in Greece is one of my best remembrances! It would be a great pleasure to visit Greece again!

Svetlana Gordeeva, Moscow, Russia