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Vikos ? Aoos National Park


Vikos - Aoos National Park in northwestern Greece, was founded in 1973. It is named after the two main gorges in the area and covers 12,600 hectares of mountainous terrain, with numerous rivers, lakes, caves, deep canyons and dense coniferous and deciduous forests.

The centerpiece is the spectacular Vikos Gorge with a depth of 1000 meters / 3280 feet, one of the largest and finest gorges in the world, carved by the Voidomatis River. Aoos gorge, mount Tymfi with its highest peak Gamila (2,497m / 8192 ft) and a number of traditionally preserved settlements, form the park's peripheral zone. The rich variety of fauna and flora, natural habitats and ecosystems rank it among the most valuable parks for nature conservation in Greece.



Vikos Aoos & Meteora Trekking Tour (ZA 1)

Mount Olympus & Vikos Trekking Tour (MO 2)


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