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Mount Olympus National Park


Mount Olympus, the home of the 12 ancient Greek gods and goddesses, is the highest and most famous mountain of Greece with an altitude of 2918m (9.573ft).

Mount Olympus is noted for its very rich flora (over 1700 species), with several endemic plants. It is also an important nesting area for birds of prey such as the honey buzzard, the bearded vulture, the black vulture, the short-toed eagle, the golden eagle, the booted eagle and the lanner falcon.

In 1938 Mount Olympus was established as Greece's first national park and in 1981, UNESCO included Olympus National Park in an international network of regions named Biosphere Reserves. The European Community has included Olympus in the list of "The Most Important Bird areas of the European Community".

In 2011, the Ecologist ranked Mount Olympus among the top ten National parks in Europe.



Mount Olympus Trekking Week (MO 1)

Mount Olympus & Vikos Trekking Tour (MO 2)

Enipeas gorge Day Hike (MO 3)


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