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Athens is one of the most inspiring cities on earth. You walk the streets, you sit at an outdoor cafe and witness the hustle and bustle of modern day Athenian life. But when the sun reaches a certain level in the horizon and you turn your gaze towards the Parthenon and see the colors of the marble changing from white, to gold, to purple and then to silver, you can't help but be inspired.

But Athens is not just the Parthenon, it is a living, breathing legacy left behind by one of the greatest civilizations that this world has ever seen. No other city has contributed more to the civilization of mankind than Athens. Let us just stop and think for a moment where and what we would be if these great minds had not brought us democracy, rhetoric, drama, philosophy and critical thinking, classical art, geometry and the basis for modern day medicine.

Athens is also a very modern city pulsating with energy. It is where you will find a perfect balance of old and new, past and present. Athens has something for everyone and is a city you will never forget.


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